Dining Options

Kings Espresso Bar

Serving Starbucks Coffee and Penn State Bakery pastries.  Pick up your grilled stickies from The Diner!


Cafe Laura is a popular lunch stop for faculty, staff, and students. Visit this website each week to see what items are on the menu and check out the daily specials.

Daily Features
Salads, cheesesteaks, chicken sandwiches, burgers, and wraps

Chopped Salad Bar
Create your own signature salad at our salad bar, featuring a variety of toppings and assorted mixed greens to choose from. Top off your salad with one of our house-made dressings!

Char-Grill/Cafe Deli
You can create your own special sandwich from a variety of options offered at our deli bar. Choose a cheesesteak or have a burger grilled on our char-grill.  Add toppings of your choice to kick up the flavor! All Deli features come with a side of fries, chips or pretzels.

Grab and Go
Our grab-and-go section includes a variety of salads, bottled beverages, sandwiches, parfaits, and more. If you're in a rush, this is the place for you!

Theme Dinners

Each semester, Cafe Laura's theme dinners are highly anticipated and popular on-campus dining events. Each dinner features cuisine from a particular culture or area of the world and serves up a unique dining experience. Check out this semester's theme dinner schedule.

Visit the reservation page to book a table. It's easy to find us and parking is very convenient.