Statler Executive Dining Room

Statler Executive Dining Room



Cafe Laura offers a state of the art private dining room. This room accommodates a maximum seating of 14. The room features a large screen TV with internet connectivity and USB capabilities. Suitable for professional meetings during a meal. No outside food is permitted.


To reserve the Statler Executive Dining Room during lunch for a meeting or other functions, please call (814) 865-7441 or email Jeff Dover at [email protected].

Theme Dinners

During theme dinners, the Statler Executive Dining Room can be reserved by calling (814) 865-1853. A key component of the education process at the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State is learning how to deliver outstanding service. Students in the School of Hospitality Management are not permitted to accept tips, in accordance with IRS regulations. Only paid employees are permitted to accept tips. We thank you for honoring the service charge policy, and for giving our students the opportunity to serve you. In light of this policy, and to keep the student experience focused on education, we have included an 18% service charge on each check for the conveniece of reserving the Private Dining Room. All monies from the service charge are returned to our students and defray their expenses of uniforms, decorations, and other costs involved in their taking this class. 

The Statler Foundation

The Statler Executive Dining Room is named in honor of a Legacy Grant provided by The Statler Foundation to the School of Hospitality Management. The Statler Foundation was established in 1928 by the will of legendary hotelier Ellsworth M. Statler to further industry education.