A Tribute to Queen: Taste the Music

A Tribute to Queen: Taste the Music


Seven Seas of Shrimp

served with our homemade cocktail sauce

The Show Must Go Onion Soup

perfectly broiled topped with Swiss Cheese



Stone Cod Crazy

Baked and broiled boneless cod with our lemon oil sauce served with baked vegetable medley

Killer Creamy Caprese Baked Couscous

Baked Couscous in a tomato sauce topped with cheese blend

Queen's Coronation Chicken

Baked chicken with lemon butter sauce

Friends Will Be Flank

Perfectly cooked flank steak with homemade herb butter


Grammy Winning Green Beans

Steamed Green Beans with Almonds

Under Pressure Potatoes

Roasted Fingerlings tossed in A Kind of Magic Seasoning


Bohemian Rhapsody Brownie

Ay-Oh Oreo Red Velvet Cake