Theme Dinner Schedule & Menus

Fall 2022 themes have completed! Thank you so much for your support!


  • Book It: Connecting Cuisine to Classic Literature | Complete | Menu
  • Fall Festival: Immerse Yourself in Autumn's Flavors | Complete | Menu
  • a·pi·ar·y: An Evening in the Garden | Complete | Menu
  • Bella Notte: A Night in Sicily | Complete | Menu


  • Bourbon Street Bistro: Gauxing Cajun | Complete | Menu
  • Stranger Things: Dining in the Upside Down | Complete | Menu
  • Viva Las Vegas: Wine & Dine Like a Winner | Complete | Menu
  • Georgia Grace: The Peach State Comes to Happy Valley | Complete | Menu

Cafe Laura is a cashless dining facility.

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Service Charge Policy

A key component of the education process at the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State is learning how to deliver outstanding service. Students in the School of Hospitality Management are not permitted to accept tips, in accordance with IRS regulations. Only paid employees are permitted to accept tips. We thank you for honoring the service charge policy, and for giving our students the opportunity to serve you. In light of this policy, and to keep the student experience focused on education, we have included an 18% service charge on each check. All monies from the service charge are returned to our students to defray their expenses of uniforms, decorations, and other costs involved in their taking this class.  For information on our Private Dining options, please click HERE.



Appetizers..............$6.00 - $9.00

Entrees...................$18.00 - $32.00

Desserts.................$6.00 - $9.00

Beverages...............$1.50 - $2.25

*Subject to Change


BYOB Policy

Patrons may bring wine or beer (excludes distilled spirits) to be consumed with their dinner within the following limits:

- Two (2) 12 oz. beers per person


- One (1) 750 m. bottle of wine for two (2) people

Identification with age verification will need to be taken from all members of a group that brings alcoholic beverages into the facility. Alcohol is not sold in Cafe Laura.


Parking Validation

Cafe Laura will validate parking costs of the Nittany Parking Deck for up to Two (2) Hours.